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Healing oriented training

Kinesiology Taping at the Health Hotel in Tyrol, Austria

The technology of the kinesiology tapings are as simple as genius: The muscles and joints are supported and protected by a flexible and highly breathable tape which acts like a second skin and helps where it is needed. This is how we animate you to “Full range of motion”, your maximum range of movement, which enables a free and healing oriented training. The cotton of the tape and the applied glue stimulate the characteristics of the skin. This nature related structure stimulates the tissue. The tape stimulates the metabolism, relieves congestions and slags and noticeably relieves the pain zones.


Single treatment <span class="tdPrice">€ 20,–</span><span class="tdMin">15 min.</span>

We are pleased to reserve your taping-session in advance with the Holiday Booking at our Health Hotel in Tyrol.

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